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Nevis Geothermal team meets with DOSECC Exploration days ahead of Drilling Rig arrival

Geothermal development continues aggressively on Nevis. In recent days, members of NREI and DOSECC Exploration Services LLC concluded a meeting in Austin, Texas. Drilling contractors DOSECC, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, are engaged to conduct and complete the well installation. DOSECC is known in the geothermal industry for its commitment to scientific integrity, core quality, safety, and risk mitigation, all of which will continue to drive forward the Nevis geothermal project. Once drilled, the geothermal reservoir data collected will measure the necessary performance data, geologic and reservoir information needed for the turbine heat exchangers and production well design.

Below are photos from last week's meeting. NREI team member, Mackie Tross, participated via phone from Nevis while members gathered in the board room in Austin, TX.

Up to 80 local people will be employed in the project and anyone interested in working please submit your interest on the project website The website has set aside an employment section and qualified applicants will be contacted for follow up discussion and interviews.

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