March 11, 2020

Site clearing activities for the construction of the Nevis Geothermal Plant begin tomorrow, 12 March, 2020. We will continue to keep you informed of activities and progress.  

February 21, 2020

NRE International, Inc. (NREI), the developer of the Nevis Geothermal Project, in cooperation with the Nevis Island Administration, announced today that Albioma, a developer and operator of renewable energy projects, has been chosen by NREI as a partner for the development of the Nevis geothermal project.  Albioma is currently operating over 900 MWs of power generating capacity in the Caribbean, Europe and the Indian Ocean.

Bruce Cutright, CEO of NREI, stated, “NREI and Albioma together represent the technical and operational strength to ensure the completion and success of the Nevis Project.  We are very pleased to be working together and with the Nevis Island Administration to deliver 100% reliable and resilient green energy to the people of Nevis.”    

Nevis Premier Mark Brantley, who has been an advocate and strong supporter of the Nevis Island transition to renewable energy stated, “The Nevis Geothermal Project represents the most important breakthrough project for th...

August 29, 2019

Nevis Renewable Energy International, INC (NREI) announced today that it has selected Schlumberger Integrated Drilling Services to install the geothermal production and injection wells for the Nevis Geothermal Project.

The Nevis Geothermal Project is unique for the Eastern Caribbean, as Nevis contains a geothermal reservoir with a long-term generating capacity sufficient to meet all the present and future needs of Nevis. NREI is proud to be a partner with the Nevis Island Administration in developing this initial 10 MW phase of the project to serve the needs of the Nevis residents. When completed, the geothermal plant will enable the island to transition away from the use of fossil fuels and be 100 percent reliant on zero emission renewable energy power generation.

According to Bruce Cutright, CEO of NREI, “Schlumberger was chosen because of their extensive and successful track record in completing complex and highly reliable drilling programs.” Schlumberger Integrated Drilling services...

March 20, 2018

TEP's Big-Data Analytics approach (that determined Nevis as a commercial-grade resource) was confirmed by Schlumberger-GeothermEx's team during a recently completed Geothermal Flow & Injection Test. As a result of this evaluation, Nevis' geothermal resource is being characterized as one of the top six geothermal reservoirs in the world that will not only provide resiliency and energy security to the island but have a greater impact for the rest of Caribbean as a whole. 

Nevis' reservoir quality was previously analyzed by TEP's team (led by Bruce Cutright) utilizing a Big-Data & Predictive Analytics approach that calculated the N-3 site could supply a minimum of 10-12 MW per production well as opposed to earlier industry estimates that only estimated 3-4 MW per well. TEP's process that utilizes approaches from the Oil & Gas industry has resulted in transforming the way the geothermal industry can calculate resources for long-term sustaina...

February 28, 2018

As predicted by the technical team with Thermal Energy Partners, the Nevis geothermal project has begun to see the first signs of the island's geothermal steam resource. This week, drilling operations continue around the clock and the end is in sight to a bottom depth of 4,000 feet. 

This milestone was also noted by the Nevis Government. 

“Excited to see the first tendrils of steam as we continue to drill for geothermal in Nevis”

Mark Brantley, Premier of Nevis

February 27, 2018

As of February 27th, the Nevis Geothermal Project surpassed the halfway point of 2,001 feet. The drilling operations team has been working on 24 hour shifts to speed up efforts towards achieving Nevis' overall goals of energy independence, security and resilience.  

November 22, 2017

Nevis commences it's Geothermal Development with Geothermal confirmation "Test-Well" drilling, during today's ribbon-cutting ceremony. To begin drilling operations, Deputy Premier, Mark Brantley and President of NREI/TEP, Daniel Pfeffer were both onsite to kick-off test well operations. This well is to confirm geothermal reservoir properties including flow rate, temperature and sustainability.

Other officials who attended were Dr. Ernie Stapleton, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Communications along with Mr. Jervan Swanston, Acting General Manager of the Nevis Electricity Company Limited (NEVLEC), Mackie Tross, NREI's Nevis Representative, Spencer Brand, Nevis Businessman and Bruce Cutright, CEO of NREI/TEP.  

It is estimated that Nevis has up to 300 megawatts of geothermal power and some estimates calculate as many as 650 megawatts. As Nevis becomes energy self sufficient, its renewable resources could benefit nearby island nations thr...

November 20, 2017

After recent Hurricanes Irma and Maria damaged parts of the Caribbean, this week marks a major milestone in the development of geothermal on Nevis & St. Kitts that can provide a 24/7 power to other Caribbean islands. 

It is estimated that Nevis has up to 300 megawatts of geothermal power and some estimates calculate as many as 650 megawatts. As Nevis becomes energy self sufficient, its renewable resources could benefit nearby island nations through the construction of a submarine cable. 

With an established a goal to eliminate CO2 emissions from power generation, Nevis is committed to leverage its proven geothermal resources and become the greenest island on the planet. Nevis will be the first Caribbean island to utilize Binary Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) geothermal power generation that utilizes a closed-loop system with zero carbon emissions.

As of today, the drilling rig has been set and drilling will officially begin momentarily. This well is to confirm g...

October 10, 2017

On Monday teams of construction crews diligently continued to drive earth moving equipment for the second week as Nevis anxiously awaits the arrival of its next drilling rig which will soon begin operations.

As recent Hurricane's Irma and Maria devastated much of the Caribbean, Nevis is steadily working to embark on a more resilient future through base-load geothermal power. With some estimates giving Nevis as many as 300 megawatts of untapped geothermal resources, the future of the island nation is poised to be a case-study on how best to leverage it's natural resources for future generations. 

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